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L-WARE Project

L-WARE: Leather WAstes REbirth

Currently, the wastes deriving from the leather processing constitutes a remarkable disposal problem, both from the point of view of costs and environmental impacts.
The leather wastes, which contains Chromium and heavy metals used during the tanning process, are now disposed in these two possible ways:

  • in landfills, with the problem of heavy metals contamination of the groundwater and the surface water
  • in incinerator, with the problem of the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Since its foundation, Phoenix Italy has been carrying out an intense research activity with the aim to transform the leather wastes into a new innovative upcycled material.
The new material will be employed in the Cleantech for the production of highly performant active carbon filters for the removal of the emerging micropollutants, PFAS, micro and nano plastics from waste waters.